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The silence about “Estonia the find that changed history” is deafening.

september 18, 2022

The silence surrounding the new documentary series that has been on Discovery plus since June 19 is still deafening

The silence surrounding the new documentary series that has been on Discovery plus since June 19 is still deafening. Despite also broadcasts on Sweden´s TV 5, no debate about the revelations made in the new series has caused any debates – created any editorials. Defense or attacks. The information that appears in the programs has been met only  by its absence. The newspaper Filter continues its disinformation campaign against Evertsson and still calls the information and revelations surrounding the accident ”giving air to conspiracy theories”. The newspaper acts like an old Soviet state propaganda organ.

What, then, are the most interesting new pieces of information that appear in the documentary but are not raised and discussed?

We can start with the historical ones.

The days after the revelations in the first film series, Estonian Prime Minister Jüri Ratas holds a press conference flanked by his foreign minister. The Prime Minister then says: ”We have new discoveries of significant damage to Estonia that have never been mentioned in any report and those finds  must be  answered.   The truth shall prevail.”

Which issues are new and should spark debate?

Professor of metallurgy Ida Westermann at NTV in Norway has received parts of the bottom plate of the bow visor from the group led by former environmentalist Lars Ångström. The official report states that the bottom plate of the bow visor was damaged by mechanical blows. No such mechanical blows can be found on the researched  parts. The parts from the visor have been removed by the Finns and then stored in a museum in Karlskrona in Swden.

 What Ida Westermann has discovered when she examined the parts is that the microstructure of the steel has changed. The so-called the microstructure of the carbon and iron phases is altered in a way that can only have been caused by high temperatures up to 1200 degrees Celsius. Rust and paint have merged. Furthermore, the calving of parts of the bottom plate where it has folded over itself is of such a nature that it can only have been brought about as the result of a powerful pressure wave and not as stated in the official report: a result of mechanical pressure and impact when the bow visor would have hit the bottom plate in the rough sea..

The other essential information that emerges in the new documentary is that the former State prosecutor to  Estonia and the diving expedition he led have managed to establish that the claims that have been rampant in the media: that in pictures you can see how rocky the bottom seems to be in the vicinity of Estonia is an optical illusion. In the new documentary we see how an ROV-robot touches the bottom at the area that really looks like a stone desert to the eye, but  stirred up like loose sand as the robot’s arms cut through what looks like rock but you can see in the footage that the scene is more like a fork being moved around in margarine. This is essential because the reports we read in the media are that the official investigation more or less seems to have already arrived at a theory and that is that all the damage to the ship’s deck including the two holes found and the 20 meter long indented tear on the ship must to have been accomplished when the ship struck a bottom which, without scientific evidence, was assumed to be hard as rock.

When the responsible investigator Jonas Bäckstrand for the Accident Commission is confronted in the documentary with the new information, he states that the commission is not politically controlled and that it intends to consider the facts of the case. It costs a society to take facts into account in a society, but it is ultimately worth the price, according to the commission chairman. Let’s hope he is right that we will see the facts presented in this case and that the facts will not remain unexplained.

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