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Analysis of the footage believed to show the only Molotov- cocktail thrown in Lützerath?

januari 18, 2023

Analysis of the footage believed to show the only Molotov cocktail thrown in Lützerath?

Tagesschau status: 17/01/2023 11:57:
Videos show how some activists throw mud and how pyrotechnics are used. Stones were also thrown at police officers. Reul also spoke about Molotov cocktails on Sunday night on ARD. Molotov throwing has not yet been confirmed for the demonstration on Saturday.

Here from Sweden, Retrogradera noted something strange. The only video that appears to show a molotov in Lützreath is a video posted by Jan A. Karon @jannibal on January 11 at 9:11 a.m.

So: The only information confirming that molotov cocktails were thrown in Lützerath is this video. The tweet was posted two minutes before police announced on the same Twitter that ”protesters should immediately stop throwing Molotov cocktails.”

The video is suspicious because it seems like the footage was taken in the midst of the police. So is the movie an official police video? And if not, who made the video? And what do you actually see on these pictures?

Legally speaking, the film is not evidence. It doesn’t show who is throwing the Molotov, and you can’t tell from the footage where the thrown of the Molotov is coming from or who made the video. It is also strange that on January 11th at 9:11 it appeared on a private account two minutes before the official police statement: ”that the protesters should stop throwing molotov cocktails” went out at 9:13

The cinematographer also pans the camera out of the sequence of events towards nothing, then turns the camera back at the exact moment when what looks like a thrown molotov is burning on the ground .

Do the police know who took the pictures? If the video was filmed by the police[it obviously looks like a police officer filmed the incident because the cameraman is placed among the officers but then the footage must have been given to the person who posts it on a private Twitter account, and two minutes later the police make an official Twitter about the protesters to stop throwing molotovs [in plural]? The account where the video is uploaded seem to belong to a person who is hostile to the environmental movement and the protesters. In that case, what does such a person do in the middle of the police in the early morning hours of the evacuation?

In the media many times it has been stated that the police claim that ONE molotov was thrown and sometimes it is described as that the protesters ”threw at least one” molotov. The police also say the same thing on January 15. Here at Deutschlandfunk, the German public service radio:

  ”At the beginning of the evacuation, scuffles broke out. According to the police, a Molotov cocktail, stones and pyrotechnics were thrown in the direction of the officers. However, there were deplorable isolated cases, emphasized police press spokesman Müller on 15 January. The majority of activists in Lützerath behaved peacefully.”

Thus, as this is the only film that confirms police reports of Molotov[s] being thrown from protesters, and the only film circulated in the German and international press that serves as evidence for the claims, Retrogradera believes the issue would be interesting to investigate. The German press should investigate the origin of the video.

The Twitter from the Police that follows two minutes later:

Polizei NRW AC


Unterlassen Sie sofort das Werfen von Molotow-Cocktails. Verhalten Sie sich friedlich und gewaltfrei! #luetzerath

Översätt tweeten

9:13 fm · 11 jan. 2023

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