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Estonia- The Find That Changes Everything- The Swedish Documentary – Nobody speaks about the documentary’s most burning claims

september 30, 2020

We saw through Swedish media reports that there is a 1.2 meter wide and 4 meter wide hole on Estonia’s starboard side. We were told that Estonian prosecutors “accuse the Swedish government of covering up”. But as it appears now this evening, when all five parts of the 45-minute documentary series were released for half a day, little or no Swedish media seem to have reported what this cover-up was trying to hide.

   Anyone who sees the well-made touching and factual documentary in which in the first episode we can partake in the terrible and touching stories of the survivors about the night of the accident to the  the coming   last part when the expedition finds the results that major news media talked about yesterday. Retrogradera has not yet heard anything from big media  that are told in the sections in between, in the documentery- the parts of the statements in the documentary that is the most sensational and politically sensitive for Sweden as a nation.

In the documentary mentioned, it is alleged that Sweden, along with Estonia and the British, under the leadership of MI-6, smuggled equipment on the night of the accident that was stolen from the Russian robotic defense. The information comes from the acclaimed Australian journalist Stephen Davis, who received information back in 1998 from a MI-6-discharged Richard Tomlinson about Estonia when Davis, was making a documentary about Tomlinson on Australian TV 3.  Later Davis got information which said, what was smuggled on Estonia that tragic night it sunk were material of Russia’s robotic defense system from another source, an active MI-6 agent.  Davis wrote an article in New Statesman back in 2005 in which he also mentioned the bizarre fact that the Swedish government hired Rockwater, a British subsidiary of the American Halliburton group, which was headed by Dick Cheney from 1995 to 2000, to work out the wreck and to film in 1994, where 13 films show the wreck, but where film clips from the work are considered to have disappeared.

Before Estonia left the port on September 27, 1994, something strange happened. The ferry is fifteen minutes late, two or three military trucks accompanied by motorcycles are brought on board Estonia. Gunnar Ränkel, a former estonian criminal police officer, says there is a dispute between the Estonian police and the men of the Home Guard, who insist that the cargo be carried on board. The driveway is seen by the witness and survivor Sara Hedrenius, who went on deck because the boat appeared to be delayed  so she wanted to see if she could still be waved off by her father.  The third witness is a Carl Övberg, who also saw the military vehicles brought  on board Estonia. He arrived  to the harbour  late in a taxi. If  Sweden took part in a secret operation with MI-6 and Estonia to smuggle top-secret Russian robotic defense materials, this can explain most of the curiosities of this affair: the desire to cover the ship with sand and stone and keep it in concrete forever. It would also explain that  Lars Ångström [the Greens] never got any answers  from Mona Sahlin [former Social Democratic member of Governemnt – who went into the water around Estonia and saw the railings off sometime between September 28 and October 2, 1994 to get onto the loading ramp. Such operations can only be undertaken because of  extremely sensitive Government interests or to preserve extremely sensitive military secrets, says  the former Green MP and former Chairman of Greenpeace, as well as the Swedish Court of Peace and Arbitration in the documentary.

Now the  only hope is of an enormous public pressure on the Swedish government to put the cards on the table and explain what really happened once and for all on that unfortunate night. The authorities in Finland, Sweden, and Estonia will not voluntarily say what they know. The relatives and survivors waited 26 years to find out what happened to their loved ones. How long can they wait still?

According to Stephen Davis, a year before the sinking of the ferry Estonia. The country Estonia was warned through diplomatic contacts to continue traffic in Estonia and a telegram with the content of a stark warning is said to have been sent to MI6 by the russians shortly before the accident. We know you are smuggling material out of Russia. We know you are using Estonia. That has to stop or else…. ”

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