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Not on swedish televison

juni 30, 2021

The 15 minute long special finnish documentary showed on finnish public service Yle has not been broadcasted on Swedish public service  Televison although the public interest would be huge.

The Friday documentary was broadcasted the third of May 2021 and before that published on the finsish public Service platform Arena/Yle on February the 26    https://areena.yle.fi/1-50653022?utm_campaign=perjantaidokkarit.

The documentary tells the story of the second captain to Estonia Arvo Piht and his disappearance.

A keywitness is  Jüri Lember chairman Of the Estonian Seamen’s Association which claimed that he together with two other people saw the second captain on german television in Rostock : Captain Erich Moik and ship’s doctor Aivar Kaur with whom I was in Rostock clearly identified Captain Avo Piht  from the video clip shown on german television.

Jüri Lember chairman Of the Estonian Seamen’s Association also claims :

”because on the same life raft as Avo Piht

there were other people

whose salvage facts have not been verified

their names were on the list of the saved

the names ended up on the list

just like that

that they were asked

to report

their name and year of birth

Iltalehti   the third biggest daily in Finland announces the broadcasting on finnish TV in an article with the following content    

Iltalehti   05.03.2021 klo 6:09   https://www.iltalehti.fi/tv-ja-leffat/a/e889ae9b-755e-43e2-aa4d-47ca4342dc46

Today on TV: Where is the Estonian captain?   On the list of survivors, but never returned home

The fate of Avo Pihti is discussed in Yle’s new short documentary.

The questioning about  Piht started immediately in 1994, but no definite answers were received. Ava Pihti [the wife] was immediately interviewed fresh in 1994, but no definite answers were received.

The passenger car ferry Estonia sank off Utö in September 1994. The accident killed 852 people.

Yle’s journalist Juha Portaankorva in the Friday documentary asks :  Where is the Estonian captain?. Former Estonian Public Prosecutor Margus Kurm, among others, is considering the matter. In 2005, he chaired a commission to investigate arms smuggling in Estonia.

– The most fascinating story about the sinking of Estonia is related to nine crew members, among whom was Captain Piht. Their names were on the list of survivors, but they never returned home.

Captain Jüri Lember, President of the Estonian Seamen’s Association, tells Portaakorva how colleagues who were with him in Rostock on the day of the accident had identified Pihti from a video clip shown on German television. Lember also recalls that Piht’s name was on the list of the saved, to whom he got his name only after telling it himself.

– The names were asked of the rescued themselves. Everyone had to state their name and year of birth, Lember confirms.

He is convinced that Piht did not die in Estonia.

– I find it quite strange that Avo Piht disappeared after he got to Utö Island and Turku Hospital, Lember wonders in the short documentary.

Margus Kurm, on the other hand, wonders about the role of the Swedish state. He believes it has been constantly trying to hide something.

– The thing to be concealed might well have been the submarine that actually caused the accident.

Kurm believes the Swedish submarine may have brought Estonia to secure the ship’s secret cargo.

– It is quite possible that Estonia and the submarine went side by side and for some reason they collided side by side. As a result of the collision, a hole came into the hull of the ship from which water entered and therefore the ship sank.

Where is the Estonian captain? today on TV1 as part of the Friday talkshow  starting at 21:05 p.m. the   Friday documentary  can already be found in the Arena     https://areena.yle.fi/1-50653022?utm_campaign=perjantaidokkarit

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